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Improve your test taking, reading, learning and writing skills whether you are a student, professional, or businessperson. These skills will bring increased satisfaction and effectiveness to all of your future learning, whether academic or work-related.

I have over 30 years of experience as an assistant professor, workshop leader, and tutor, and a passion for helping others become lifelong learners. My programs will dramatically improve your ability to learn whatever you need to.

All workshops are based on skills and techniques I have shared with thousands of students in courses I designed and taught at Skyline College, workshops I led for Foothill-De Anza Community Education, and my tutoring programs.



I provide on-site workshops and short courses for your school or organization on the following subjects:

Individual tutoring programs are also available for the subjects above and for writing improvement.


How much improvement can you expect?

Workshop participants who do all of the recommended outside work can expect improvement similar to those of tutoring clients:

Test Prep: Students typically raise their scores from the top 15% to the top 5%, with many reaching the top 1% or 2%.

Speed-reading: Tripling of reading rate and effectiveness—a function of rate and comprehension

What kind of improvement can you expect?

Workshop participants who do all of the recommended outside work can expect results similar to those of tutoring clients:

Study Skills: Noticeable improvement in comprehension, concentration, note taking, retention, and test taking

Grammar and Vocabulary: Marked improvement in organizational, writing, revising, and vocabulary skills

How quickly will you see improvement?

Workshop participants begin making progress during the workshop and will continue to see improvement as they apply their new skills


My Experience

Over 30 years of experience, including:

  • More than 7,000 hours of tutoring
  • Designing and writing materials for courses, workshops, and tutoring programs for test taking, reading, study and learning skills, grammar, writing, and vocabulary
  • Teaching test prep, reading, study, and writing skills to college, high school, and middle school students, and adults at Skyline College, Gonzaga University, USC School of Education, Stanford University, Foothill-De Anza Community Education, Mercy High School Burlingame, and City College of San Francisco
  • As an assistant professor of English and instructor of reading and study skills at college and high school levels

My Exclusive Guides

Over my decades of teaching and tutoring, I have written guides that produce optimal results for clients in the accelerated time frames of my workshops. I continually update and improve these guides based on the latest research, professional reading, and helpful suggestions from students.

My exclusive guides include those for: SAT, ACT, PSAT and SSAT; Speed-reading; Study and Note Taking Skills; Grammar Brush-up; and Vocabulary Improvement

Program Features

  • Highly cost- and time-effective—as few as 6 hours of work plus outside practice
  • Essential books, exercises, and assessments provided for continued improvement of your newly acquired skills

Standardized Test Preparation Workshops

Enhance your test taking skills for maximum score improvement

My comprehensive workshops provide:

  • A thorough overview of the test
  • General multiple-choice strategies for comparing and eliminating answers, pacing, guessing, and skipping questions
  • Specific strategies for all sections, sub-sections, question-types, and passage-types
  • In-class practice on and discussion of official test questions
  • Recommended assignments to meet your improvement goals

Materials include:

  • My exclusive 50-75-page guides that save you considerable time otherwise spent taking notes
  • Official test prep books from the test makers
  • Excellent supplementary books, exercises, and articles to aid in continued improvement of math, writing, vocabulary, and grammar skills

Workshops include strategies, practice, and homework for:

  • General: Concentration improvement; anxiety-reduction; nutritional preparation; dealing with "trick" answers (distracters)
  • Reading: Passage- and question-types; vocabulary improvement
  • Writing/English: Improving sentences and paragraphs; essay and writing sample; grammar brush-up
  • Mathematics: Multiple-choice/ problem solving; bolstering math subject matter knowledge

SAT Workshop

This workshop also includes strategies and practice for:

  • General: Recognizing the most difficult, time-consuming questions
  • Reading: Synthesis questions with paired passages and passages with graphics
  • Writing & Language: Identifying sentence errors and recognizing the most common error-types
  • Mathematics: Multiple choice and grid-in questions on Calculator and No-Calculator Math
  • Essay: Planning, outlining, and writing the essay

ACT Workshop

This workshop also includes strategies and practice for:

  • General: Eliminating incorrect answers for more accurate guesses
  • English: Recognizing the most difficult and time-consuming questions and the most common error-types
  • Reading: The four different types of reading passages
  • Science: Graphics-heavy and text-heavy passages
  • Mathematics: Recognizing (and possibly guessing on) the most difficult and time-consuming questions
  • Writing Sample: Planning, outlining, and writing the essay

Click here for Standardized Test Preparation Tutoring

Speed-Reading Workshops

Triple your reading rate and effectiveness for increased confidence and improved results

Learn how to:

  • Boost your reading effectiveness, a combination of comprehension and speed
  • Save time by reading at the high rate at which your brain processes information
  • Increase your rate by reducing word-by-word reading and subvocalizing (hearing words in your head)
  • Improve comprehension by activating your background knowledge
  • Improve concentration by actively focusing, anticipating, and questioning, relating reading to your needs and interests

Materials include:

  • My exclusive guide that saves you considerable time otherwise spent taking notes
  • Books, exercises and tests to aid in continued improvement of reading rate and effectiveness
  • Techniques for improving concentration and comprehension

Click here for Speed-Reading and Reading Improvement Tutoring

Grammar Brush-Up

Refresh your grammar skills to communicate more effectively

Learn how to:

  • Write and speak with greater confidence
  • Better understand what you read and hear
  • Write clear, concise, correct sentences
  • Recognize and correct fragments and run-on sentences
  • Logically join sentences and ideas together

Materials include:

  • My exclusive guide containing strategies, exercises, and assessments
  • Written materials that aid in continuing grammar improvement
  • A leading grammar handbook
  • Exercises, tests, and essential grammar resources

Click here for Writing and Grammar Tutoring

Vocabulary Improvement

Enhance your vocabulary to make a more positive impression

Learn how to:

  • Write and speak more clearly and effectively
  • Better comprehend what you read and hear
  • Avoid serious errors from incorrect word usage
  • Correctly use commonly confused words

Materials include:

  • Helpful hints for, and major myths about, improving vocabulary
  • The most common prefixes and roots for maximum gains in minimal time
  • Essential context strategies
  • The best websites, apps, and print materials for vocabulary improvement


Schools and organizations recruit, enroll, collect payment, and host the workshops.


I present my workshops at a location of your choosing.

Time frame

What is the time frame for workshops?

Workshops typically run either one or two weekend days, and sessions are usually one week apart. Other scheduling options are available.

Participants spend 7-14 hours working with me, and a recommended 7-14 additional hours practicing strategies for their test prep, reading, grammar, and vocabulary improvement.

Workshop Rates

Workshop fees include books and materials. Workshops require a minimum enrollment of five. Maximum enrollment caps are set to ensure quality instruction and individual attention. For schools or organizations interested in workshops, please contact me for more information at (415) 821-6595.

More on Policies.

Please feel free to use my contact form to schedule workshops, or call the above number if you have any questions.


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