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Are you a parent considering a tutor for your child? Or are you yourself seeking to improve your skills? Either way, you can reap the rewards of using my personalized programs. Here are just a few of the benefits these programs provide:

  • Gain strategies for significant improvements in comprehension, concentration, and communication
  • Discover your unique intelligences and methods for maximizing your potential and abilities
  • Enjoy personalized programs designed to help clients achieve their specific learning goals and needs
  • Conquer your testing, performance, and presentation anxiety once and for all
  • Get ahead in academics with better scores and grades. Get ahead in life with increased learning and earning potential
  • Dramatically improve your reading and writing skills to open a lifetime of endless possibilities!

Standardized Testing clients on the SAT/ACT improve on average from the 75th percentile (1200/24) to the 93rd percentile (1400/30), with nearly a third reaching the top 1% or 2% (1540/33).

Speed Reading clients typically triple their rates with improved comprehension, with nearly half more than quadrupling, in as few as six hours of tutoring.

Study and Note-Taking Skills clients acquire techniques for many types of notes that enable them to learn any written or spoken materials.

Grammar and Vocabulary clients become better readers, writers, speakers, and communicators.

Detailed feedback and progress summaries for every session is provided to parents and counselors.

Hi, I’m Norman Prince, former English professor, independent educational consultant, and master tutor with over 10,000 hours of experience. Let me help you become a lifelong learner and earner.

Online tutoring via Zoom, FaceTime, Skype, and others.

In-person tutoring with Covid-19 precautions available at my San Francisco home office.

Can’t wait? Contact me to schedule a free 30-minute consultation to learn more about my programs, how I work, and to get answers to your questions.

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Norman Prince, Your Study Skills Teacher

Are you continuing your education? Trying to earn a new certification or license? Ready to reach your best score on any standardized test?

Maximize your scores on high-stakes, high-stress tests including:

  • SAT
  • ACT
  • PSAT
  • SSAT
  • GRE

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Save time and money by tripling your reading rate with better comprehension! Topics include:

  • Speed-Reading Techniques
  • Comprehension Improvement

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Do you need to learn how to use a new skill or resource? Does test anxiety cripple you?

Learn almost anything by bolstering your study and note-taking skills. Taking this program will increase your lifelong learning abilities and options. Clients can expect gains in the following areas:

  • Concentration
  • Retention and Recall
  • Anxiety Reduction

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Average test prep (SAT/ACT) improvement is from the 75th percentile (1200/24) to the 93rd percentile (1400/30), with nearly a third reaching the top 1% or 2% (1540/33).

Topics include:

  • Reading
  • Grammar
  • Writing
  • Vocabulary
  • Math
  • Science

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"I worked with Norman to prepare for the ACT. Following his speed reading course, I read at triple the rate I did before. It's a skill I now frequently use in all my classes to get through dense passages more efficiently. Likewise his grammar course not only prepared me well for the ACT but also made me a much more confident writer. His test prep course has proved the most broadly useful. I now apply the techniques he taught me in all my classes and they have relieved the stress I had around test taking, and hugely improved my grades. Norman is wonderful. I heartily recommend him to anyone looking to improve their academic performance in any area!"

Sunny O.

Looking for a grammar brush-up and/or vocabulary improvement program?

I offer those, along with ongoing or on-demand writing assistance.

Enhance your skills and confidence in writing and editing:

  • Reports, Essays, and Articles
  • Presentations and Speeches

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Read reviews from previous Prince Learning clients:

  • General Testimonials
  • Test Prep Testimonials
  • Speed-Reading and Study & Learning Skills Testimonials

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If you’re ready to achieve more than you thought possible, I’m ready and committed to helping you. Please contact me today to discuss your specific learning needs and goals.

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