Unique Benefits of Norman Prince's Test Prep Tutoring Services

Boost your test-taking skills for better scores and more confidence.

My programs boost your reading, writing, and test-taking skills.

You will gain:

  • Average SAT or ACT improvement from top 15% to top 5%, with many reaching top 1% or 2%
  • Improved comprehension and concentration
  • Increased grammar, vocabulary, and math subject matter knowledge
  • Optimal results on future tests
  • Better editing, revising, and writing skills

As a culmination of my 30 plus years as an assistant professor of English, tutor, and workshop leader, I have created holistic, comprehensive programs that ensure virtually every student substantial improvement in test scores and reading and writing ability.

Does your child need to maximize test scores? Or, do you yourself need to improve?

Please contact me to discuss how we can work together to produce great results.


How much could your score go up?

Students fully committed to my program typically raise their scores from the top 15% to the top 5%, with many reaching the top 1% or 2%.

How quickly can your scores go up?

Students who learn and apply my key strategies, typically see improvement within the first few sessions.

Personalized Programs

By personalizing my program to meet your needs, we ensure you will be fully prepared. Using my proven methods and materials, I will customize a unique program for you and guide you every step of the way to meet your goals.

  • From top 32% to top 3%
  • From top 9% to top 1%
  • From top 8% to top 1%—Perfect score on SAT Reading & Writing
  • From bottom 17% to top 17%
  • From bottom 33% to top 13%
  • From bottom 48% to top 16% for math

Our common goal throughout will be to:

Get better scores in less time

To achieve this, we will follow my time-tested, six-step process:

  • Analyze your previous test results, if any
  • Assess your strengths and weaknesses
  • Discover and apply your strongest learning styles
  • Plan a program that’s best for you
  • Set your improvement goals
  • Meet regularly to carry out the program

Program options include:

  • Work only on your choice of specific standardized test sections
  • Transition from one test to another—for example, from PSAT to SAT
  • Prepare for two different tests—for example, ACT and SAT
  • Combine test prep with speed-reading
  • Combine test prep with writing, grammar, and vocabulary
  • skills
  • Combine test prep with study, learning, and note-taking skills

Additional features of my comprehensive tutoring programs:

  • Reduce test anxiety using my proven techniques
  • Improve concentration using my unique tips
  • Provide suggestions for nutritional preparation (“brain food”) to maintain focus
  • Provide experienced guidance to prepare for any test
  • Spend your time learning and applying strategies, not wasting money taking test after test

I will teach you the most effective strategies and direct you to the best resources by sharing my:

  • Efficient and productive methods
  • Holistic programs that include nutritional, physical, emotional, and intellectual prep
  • Exclusive proprietary guides and the best official and supplementary materials

Individual and Group Options


Most tutoring is individualized one-to-one to improve test results.

Small Group

I offer a substantially lower rate per person for small groups of two. If you have fellow students, peers, friends, or siblings taking the same test(s) and at a similar level, you can form your own small group. I do not organize groups for students.  

Please contact me to schedule tutoring, or with questions.

My Exclusive Guides

The study guides I’ve authored help produce optimal results in the accelerated time frames of my custom programs. Continually updated and improved, they are based on the latest research, professional reading, and feedback from real people using them every day. These guides:

  • Range from 50 to 75 pages each
  • Eliminate time otherwise spent taking notes, so you can focus on learning
  • Are available exclusively to my students
  • Feature specific strategies for:
    • Every section and sub-section
    • All passage- and question-types
    • Comparing and eliminating answer choices
    • Pacing, guessing, and skipping questions
    • Building your score by recognizing and attacking first the easiest passages and questions for you


I have over 30 years of experience as an assistant professor of English, tutor, and workshop leader. Let me apply my passion for teaching to enable you to maximize your scores on virtually any standardized test including:

  • SAT
  • ACT
  • PSAT
  • SSAT
  • CSET including MSAT

Programs are also available for the verbal sections of many other standardized tests, including:

  • GRE
  • GMAT
  • And others

You can rely on me to guide you throughout this process with my unmatched level of expertise. I’m unique in the world of test preparation and learning skills because of my extensive experience in my 30 plus years as an educator:

  • Delivered 10,000+ hours of one-to-one tutoring
  • Designed tutoring materials for both individuals and small groups, for ACT, SAT, PSAT, and SSAT
  • Developed materials for the verbal sections of most common standardized tests
  • Taught reading and study skills at both college and high school levels, including 20 years as an assistant professor of English at Skyline College
  • Delivered test preparation, reading, and study skills workshops at institutions such as:
    • USC School of Education
    • Gonzaga University Graduate School of Business
    • Foothill-De Anza Community Education
    • Sylvan Learning
  • Helped graduate students in Traditional Chinese Medicine learn hundreds of acupuncture points, herbs, and diagnoses for their comprehensive exams



Remote Tutoring

Online tutoring via Zoom, Skype, Facetime, and others.

In-person Tutoring

In-person tutoring is available at my San Francisco Home Office, located on 28th Street between Dolores and Guerrero in Noe Valley, San Francisco. Tutoring at your location is available for an additional fee. Travel and prep time billed at my normal hourly rate.

Contact me for details at (415) 821-6595.

Time frame

How long is the program?

Typical test prep students spend 16 hours working with me, and a similar amount of time on homework, applying strategies to official test questions. We usually meet for eight weekly 2-hour sessions, but other session-lengths and timeframes can be arranged.

Custom Programs

If you need significant improvement in reading speed, comprehension, vocabulary, grammar, writing, and/or math, that may require additional hours.

Hourly and Program Rates

Please contact me for details including pricing and discounts for individuals and small groups.

Payment can be made by cash, check, money order, PayPal, Venmo, or Zelle.

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