Speed-Reading & Reading Improvement Benefits of Norman Prince's Speed-Reading and Reading Improvement Services

Boost your reading rate and comprehension for increased confidence and improved results.

Learn how to:

  • More than triple your reading rate (350-400% increase) while maintaining or improving comprehension
  • Save time by dramatically increasing your productivity
  • Read at the high rate at which your brain processes information
  • Reach your potential as a reader and learner

Programs are also available to apply speed-reading and comprehension skills to the reading and writing sections of most standardized tests.

Based on my extensive experience and motivated by my passion as an educator, I have created a holistic, comprehensive approach to helping you improve your:

  • Reading rate
  • Comprehension
  • Overall enjoyment of reading

Please contact me to discuss how we can work together to quickly accomplish your personal reading goals.


How much improvement can you expect?

Average students more than triple their reading effectiveness—a combination of rate and comprehension.

How quickly will you see improvement?

You should see major progress by the end of the second session.

Personalized Programs

We will follow my time-tested, five-step process:

  • Assess your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Establish starting rates and comprehension.
  • Plan a program that’s best for you.
  • Set your improvement goals
  • Meet regularly to carry out the program
Student Name Starting Rate Final Rate
Will 325 2,175
Nick 100 625
Cora 100 650
Erin 150 875
Olivia 250 1,300
Liz 150 775

NOTE: all rates are effective rates, which equal reading speed in words per minute times percent comprehension (e.g. 250 WPM x 80% = 200 effective rate)

Having assessed your strengths and weaknesses, we tailor your program to:

  • Maximize your improvement as quickly as possible in an accelerated time frame
  • Utilize your strongest multiple intelligences and learning styles
  • Reach your specific improvement goals
  • Provide you with tips for continued improvement on your own

I deliver an individualized program that is cost- and time-effective. Each program includes:

  • One-to-one work plus outside practice
  • Specially formatted exercises to maximize your rate and comprehension
  • Books, exercises, and tests provided to aid in ongoing improvement

Program options include:

  • Combine speed-reading with study and note taking skills
  • Improve reading rate with a strong focus on comprehension
  • Combine speed-reading with standardized test prep
  • Apply reading and learning skills to your academic, professional, or personal reading material

Individual and Group Options


I will create a customized program to improve your reading speed and comprehension. You will also receive a detailed analysis of your strongest intelligences and learning styles and how to use them.

Small Group

I offer a substantially lower rate per person for small groups of 2 to 3 people. If you have fellow students, peers, friends, or siblings who are interested in learning speed-reading, you can form your own small group. I do not organize groups for clients.

Please contact me to schedule tutoring, or with questions.

My Exclusive Guide

Over my three decades of teaching and tutoring, I have written guides that produce optimal results for clients in the accelerated timeframes of my programs. I continually update and improve these guides based on the latest research, professional reading, and helpful suggestions from students.

My guide saves you time otherwise spent on note taking, and features comprehensive and specific strategies for:

  • Increasing your rate by dramatically reducing word-by-word reading and subvocalizing (hearing words in your head)
  • Previewing material to get an overview of the information before you read
  • Adjusting your rate based on your familiarity, difficulty with, and responsibility for the material
  • Turning subtitles into questions and reading to find the answer
  • Continued rate improvement after the program ends
  • Improving comprehension, concentration, and retention by relating reading to your needs and interests
  • Activating background knowledge to improve comprehension


Over 30 years of experience, including:

  • More than 9,000 hours of tutoring
  • 20 years as an assistant professor of English
  • Designing and writing materials for tutoring individuals and small groups on speed-reading, test prep, and study and learning skills
  • Teaching reading and study skills courses and workshops to college, high school, and middle school students and adults at institutions such as:
    • Skyline College
    • Stanford University
    • Foothill-De Anza Community Education
    • City College of San Francisco
  • Tutoring many adults, professionals, and graduate students in one-to-one programs to reach their personal reading and learning goals.



My San Francisco home office

Located on 28th Street between Dolores and Guerrero in Noe Valley, San Francisco.

Online Tutoring

Online tutoring via Zoom, Skype, Facetime, and others.

Your location

Tutoring at your location is available for an additional fee. Travel and prep time is billed at my normal hourly rate.

Contact me for details at (415) 821-6595.

Time frame

What is the time frame for tutoring?

Speed-Reading clients usually spend 6 hours working with me, ideally over the course of two or three weeks. Clients usually meet with me for a 2-hour session each week, but other session-lengths and time frames can be arranged. For maximum benefit, supplement the tutoring with at least 6 hours of outside work, so you can soon apply your newly acquired skills to your own materials. Ongoing practice and application are necessary to make your new reading skills permanent.

Programs—specific or custom

If you also need assistance with standardized test prep, study and learning skills, grammar, writing, and/or vocabulary, that will require additional hours.


Ongoing assistance is available, applying reading and learning skills to your materials and assignments.

Hourly and Program Rates

Please contact me for details including pricing and discounts for individuals and small groups.

Payment can be made by cash, check, money order, PayPal, or Venmo.

More on Policies.

Contact to schedule tutoring, or with questions

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