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Feed Your Head: The Best “Brain Foods” for Academic Success

Standardized tests and long school days are mental and physical marathons— you should prepare in every way to perform your best. While most Americans do not “feed their heads”—instead reaching for what is quick, convenient, and tasty—students should opt for “brain foods,” which improve mental clarity, alertness, and performance. These “brain food” suggestions enable you […]

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Comprehensive Guide to the Best Free Open Educational Resources for Online Learning

Open Educational Resources (OER) are learning materials that are free, either because they are in the public domain or have been specifically created with an open license. Open resources allow anyone to legally use, adapt, and share them for free, giving students all over the world access to high-quality learning materials. OERs can include textbooks, […]

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Pre-reading: A Time-Saving Strategy That Improves Results

Pre-reading, sometimes called previewing, surveying, or selective reading, provides an overview or big picture before you read. It will improve your concentration, comprehension, retention, and efficiency. It should be used before almost all reading and note taking. While pre-reading, you will also want to actively think about your background knowledge of the subject. Books A […]

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